Climbing fall on stunt harness

The point of the test

In this test we are testing cross point on the back of stunt vest. This attachment point was designed to withstand peak loads like dynamic pulls, effects imitating fall arrest and more.

For this test with fall factor 2 we used 2 meters of sport climbing rope. So with fall factor 2, the length of the fall becomes 4 meters. This is the standard test according to EN364.

Be careful when using ultra static ropes you get much higher impact with same fall factor. Avoid reaching fall factors higher than 1.

video: Test - FF2 on stunt harness cross point with dynamic rope
Test was done with Tracers multipoint stunt vest
Test result
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Peak load achieved was around 9kN. Visual inspection didn’t reveal any damage to the attachment point (double point aka cross point) on the harness.

gallery: Attachment point after test

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