About Riglab

About Riglab

Riglab is the project started by Tracers to lead the way in solutions for safety within the entertainment industry by:

  • Creating recommended practices and standards, monitoring standards issues around the world on behalf of our clients;
  • Improving communications and safety within the industry by sharing inspection data published by manufacturer and clients;
  • Creating solutions for rig design, work planning and risk assessments to make them easier and clear to every member of the crew;
  • Using all gained knowledge to create the most safe harnesses and gear.
How Riglab started

We decided to create knowledge base after running Safety in Stunt Rigging courses in 2023. But then it came further growing to following projects:

  • riglab.org
    We started to prepare answers on most popular questions from our clients. For this purpose we developed knowledge base with articles, media, calcs, quizzes – riglab.org.
  • riglab.app
    During work on articles we decided to make all illustrations look good and be in same style. We tried some existed apps for rig design but we didn’t like the result. Knowing what we want to achieve we started to develop our own application – riglab.app.
  • riglab.xyz
    When we started to run load tests a lot we came in need for proper charts and data from testing. To get peak load during dynamic load test we developed hardware and software package including sensor and reading module with high frequency. We called it riglab.xyz.
  • riglab.net
    To control manufacturing and inspection process we build software called fabrica.io. It allows to create QR codes which gives client access to product page with manual, certificate, mfg inspection data and inspection journal. Journal is filled with inspection data after cases where product was used and this data can be shared to public on inspection network riglab.net.

Check our upcoming projects on riglab.com.

Thanks to all supporters

Riglab became possible due to support of stunt performers and teams who invited us to run Safety in Stunt Rigging course. We prepared a lot of material and during the courses we understood where the greatest demand is. Some photos from courses are below.

gallery: Course in Egypt (for Parkour Egypt stunt team)
gallery: Course in Malta (at Phantom Stunts HQ)
gallery: Course in Norway (for International Stunt Academy)
gallery: Course in Dubai (for Amr McGyver stunt team)
gallery: Oleg and Axel Manz on A+A in Dusseldorf
Possibly the biggest international trade show for Personal Protective Equipment
Riglab release

Before the public release of Riglab we went to A+A international trade show for PPE to get feedback for the riglab.app – rig design application. We showed the pre release version which was well received by major companies and also by professional rescue teams and riggers. Experienced rope worker and rescuer Axel Manz introduced us to some key people and gave important comments of what we need to accomplish. We are looking forward to see if results of our work will find wide application in riggers community.


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