Story behind the Tracers

How the story began

The history of Tracers began in 2002, when Oleg Krasnianskii founded the team, which was named after French word “traceur”, which means “a man paving a new path”. Together, we started practicing parkour, rock climbing and rope jumping. Since then Tracers have been making films, holding festivals, traveling a lot.

Some of our projects before becoming the manufacturing company:

  • Winning the short movies contest on Sundance Film Festival with the video from tracer’s day life;
  • Oleg and Ruslan did all parkour, acrobatic and climbing for two main characters in “K-20. Legend Of The Mask” (Japan, China);
  • Successful winter ascent by the team of 4 to highest peak in Europe – Elbrus (5642m);
  • Full organisation for the Alain Robert’s no rope climb on Federation Tower (highest building in Europe);
  • Running international parkour festivals for 5 years with such guests as David Belle (parkour founder), Yamakasi, Alain Robert;
  • Wins and awards on international film festivals with our short movies about parkour and buildering;
  • Making premiere of “District 13” by Luc Besson in Moscow before the international premiere, with the lead actor David Belle as a main guest;
  • Running workshops and trainings for parkour worldwide.
gallery: Tracers highlights
Backpack idea

Having more than 10 years of experience in everything related to stunts at height, in 2016 Oleg bought their first sewing maching for heavy duty materials. Olga was in fond of sewing so we decided to combine two hobbies in one and put sewing machine by the window in one of the room of our apartment.

During 2 months journey across USA in 2014 Oleg spent a lot of time on roof tops. After this trip he designed backpack with built-in harness which we started to make as our first piece of equipment.

gallery: Oleg's rooftop adventures in States
All photos were made on timer (no photographer)
gallery: First backpacks by Tracers
First backpacks in black and camo (last photo shows Oleg testing prototype in Siberia during the few days hike)
The start of manufacturing

Our friend came to us asking to make a stunt vest and brought the example. Olga made the vest being 8 months pregnant. After first stunt harness was finished 9 other stuntmen came with same request. We understood that we need at least one more sewing machine of other type. We rented 12 sq m space not far from our apartment. That’s how sewing production has began.

While running big projects as a team we have never been commercial in mind. We spent everything on travels to train on new spots, explore the world and meet new people. So when Oleg quit parkour for manufacturing equipment he literally started from scratch.

gallery: First sewing machine
Our first sewing machine we put by the window in the room of our apartment
gallery: First rented 12 sq m space (2016)
Developing manufacturing facility
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Tracers as trademark was registered in 2006 when we were a parkour team. In 2016 trademark was updated with new fields of activity. Now we make harnesses and safety systems for stunts, flights, safe work at height. Our products are widely used in movie making, theater and circus. Later we started metal workshop in addition to sewing workshop.

Now Tracers is a team of professionals who help make complex actions and stunts on the screen and stage safe. Check the post How stunt harnesses are made to see more about our sewing workshop.

gallery: Sewing workshop and the Tracers office (2024)
Other parts of facility

Other parts of our facility such as metal workshop, inspection room, warehouse, photo booth will be shown in separate post.

Current activity

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