Impact force in a fall

How to calculate force in a fall

To calculate force in a fall we will need to know Velocity, Momentum, Gravity and Impact time.

calc: Velocity formula
calc: Momentum formula
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calc: Force in a fall with the rope
F = $\frac{m*\sqrt{2g*h}}{t}$
m (Mass of the climber) =
g (Gravity) =
h (Height of the fall) =
t (Time of impact) =

Result is in Newtons (10000N = 10kN = 1000daN = 1019.7162129779 kgf).

It means that for 80 kg mass with height of the fall of 2 meters and time of impact of 0.05 seconds (for a semi static rope) we get the load equivalent to statically suspended object with the mass of 1000 kg.

What also affect impact

Other factors which can affect the amount of impact equipment will get:

  • Fall Factor (amount of rope absorbing the shock)
  • Significant change in time of impact when the rope length is high
  • Changes in speed while rope is stretching
  • Shape and size of the connector (carabiner, shackle etc.)
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