Design Factor

Design Factor definition

The Design Factor (DF) is specified by a designer or manufacturer, and this defines the factor applied to the MBS to determine maximum load acceptable load for a component in normal use.

calc: Design Factor formula
MBS (MBS in daN) =
WLL (WLL in kg) =
What determines the Design Factor

In general, the appropriate value for the design factor depends upon a number of considerations. Among these are:

  • The extent of danger to human life and property;
  • The dependability of the rigging material, the age and condition of the rigging material;
  • The load conditions: static, varying, shock loads;
  • The degree of knowledge of the load’s weight.
Common DF

DF 5:1 or 8:1 are used in lifting operations, and 10:1 for stunt and aerial rigging when working with people on wire.

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