Torque definition

In order to consider and calculate tension resulting from external forces it helps if we break these forces into two components: 

– Those parallel to the pole (placing it in either tension or compression)
– Those perpendicular to the pole (placing it in shear) 

If the pole is anchored, then all of the shear forces will add effectively result in a rotating force about the anchored base.

This rotational force is called Torque and it is normally measured in Newton metres (Nm). 

A torque of 1Nm is equivalent to applying a 1 Newton force at a distance of 1m.

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Torque in screwing Wichard shackles

According to Wichard manual:

To screw the pin in Wichard shackle you need to apply 3Nm torque so the shackle can withstand the load limits written in the tech specs.

quiz: What amount of torque is needed to screw the pin on Wichard shackle according to its manual?

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