Brake Bar Black

Testing Brake Bar Black

Here we are publishing tests for Brake Bar Black – the upgraded goldtail device by Tracers specially designed for stunt rigging. It is made in two versions: with and without swivel. Both have truss attachment to fix it on the trusses. Non-swivel version has another type of gate which add even more strength.

Let’s check how strong is BBB Swivel*
* From 1st to 3rd we made changes to design, added truss attachment functionality, but the breaking strength was not changed.

MBS according to manual is 40kN.

gallery: Tom Rydval testing his BBB Swivel (1st generation)
video: Breaking load test (BBBS 3rd generation, mfg date: dec 2023)
Breaking load - 56.7kN (Source: Tracers lab)
video: Testing swivel after 50kN
video: 10kN dynamic load test on ratchet pull with Tracers drop test bag
Test by Tom Rydval (Filmka Stunt Team)
BBB as rope bollard

Brake Bar is good as rope bollard when you need to terminate Dyneema or Technora. Below we have some tests as rope bollard.

gallery: Testing as a rope bollard (Left: Ronny Horning; Right: Tom Rydval)
video: Nik Kinzel sliding Dyneema threaded intro Brake Bar Black
Rigged by Ronny Horning

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