Ratchet double load

About the accident

For the rigging scene imitating car hit two stuntmen supposed to be attached to the line but after terrible mistake only one performer was attached to the rig.

video: Accident - ratchet double load mistake

This horrible accident happened because of lack of organisation inside the team. Possibly, riggers did a test with a single guy and due to lack of organisation missed the point when ratchet was switched to double load.

In rope access when you go for IRATA 3 level education you become supervisor – the key member of the team who should control and check the other riggers work. So if the rigger attached performer, it’s important to have some kind of mark (could be tape) telling he attached the line. After (before the action) he should be checked by a supervisor / key rigger / head rigger. But in our practice in manufacturing safety equipment we always use rule of 3 checks. So one more action should be done to prevent a failure. For example, you add smth to the connector to fix it and prevent from detaching, and before action each performer move bit forward to put line under tension so head rigger see that line reacts well. So it is like 3.5 checks.

One of our clients – Ruan Luckoff (head rigger) told me a story when some of his team mates was angry that Ruan did not as much work as other riggers. But this is the difference – head rigger is responsible person who cares about planning, team control and individual checks.

To avoid accident like this on the video head rigger should not be working shoulder to should with riggers on same tasks. He should be a supervisor.

In some cases wardrobe could come and change the costume and occasionally did smth to attachment. So the final check should be before action.

Materials for this article were gathered from various public sources or written by riglab.org editors.
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